Roof, Window & Gutter Cleaning Bellevue WA

Roof, Window & Gutter Cleaning Bellevue WA

Recently RoofWorks Northwest has expanded our division of maintenance for your roof, windows, and gutters. While we still handle major restoration and replacement projects, we also take on the regular maintenance you’ll need all throughout the year. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important that we treat and clean roofs on an annual basis.

Our gutters also need our attention, as they keep water flowing where it needs to go. And our windows? Always could use a clean sweep. Ask about our variety of packages, each individually priced depending on your home and its unique needs.


Maintaining Your Roof and Gutters

There are a variety of tiers for you to choose from for maintaining your home. Depending on the severity of buildup and debris, you may need a roof wash, brush, or blow. Our technicians are trained to treat your home carefully as they make your roof and gutters as though they’re new again. Pressure washing may be necessary in some cases, and in those, soft washes will be used to ensure the integrity of what’s being cleaned.

Getting your windows cleaned

Clean windows aren’t just lovely to look out of. They’re also a sign of a well-maintained home, and as with any structure, cleanliness lends itself to longevity. Whether you need an extra sparkle for the holiday season or simply want to keep things casually clear, we can quote you a service that’ll perfectly suit your home.

roof cleaning that’s local to the pacific northwest 

Homeownership is hard. It means being responsible for maintaining, repairing, and improving where you live–and that can often feel like an endless uphill battle. But homeownership is also a tremendous blessing. It’s important to protect the people and things we love, and having a reliable, well-kept home is the foundation for security and comfort. A reliable home starts with a reliable roof. Whether you bought a new home, inherited an old one, or purchased something that needs a little TLC, you need to start by inspecting and respecting the roof. And in the greater Seattle area, roofs are more in danger than ever. Regular cleanings are the best way to increase longevity and good looks for your roof. Let’s chat about what you’re dealing with and why investing in maintaining your roof is a worthwhile cause.

Western Washington Weather: Whew! It sure rains a lot here. From Arlington down to Issaquah, Washington is full of wild forests, cloudy skies, and torrential downpours. The larger area is considered the Pacific Northwest, which is home to a river of air called a jet stream. Weather systems come in from the coast and stay in due to the Cascades. The mountains cause the moist air to rise, and that leads to chunky cloud cover and precipitation. The rain is what makes us the “evergreen state,” with evergreen trees and greenery in an abundance. The trouble is…all that rain impacts our homes. The moisture encourages all kinds of things to grow on roofs, many of which are made from cedar and composite shingles. These roofs aren’t made to perfectly withstand the onslaught of precipitation Seattle-area homes typically receive, and the following are some of the problems you’ll begin to see.

Bio Buildup on Roofs: Moss ecosystems in gardens are beautiful. Moss ecosystems on roofs? Not so much. Clumps of moss can begin growing on your roof at any time, and without a proper scrubbing, they’ll continue to grow. Algae and mildew can also collect and proliferate. This bio buildup exacerbates the problem of lingering moisture, which can lead to rot–and then to leaks. Your roof may also be a refuse bin for pine needles, leaves, and other tree litter that poses the same problem.

Rotting Wood on Roofs: If you leave things to nature for too long, you may end up with rotting wood. Wood rot in roofing is not always immediately apparent, and even if it’s caused a leak, the leak may be in an attic or somewhere not often frequented. Rot that leads to holes in your roof invites unwelcome precipitation, pests, and mold. By cleaning your roof regularly, you avoid encouraging wood rot and help keep an eye on anything that may start looking dangerous.

Trapped Moisture on Roofs: Moisture makes things wet. Yes, that’s rather obvious, but that knowledge doesn’t always translate to the maintenance we need to have performed on our homes. Trapped moisture is wood rot’s best friend. By having your roof blown off, pressure washed, or scrubbed, you’re removing debris that can grab and hold on to moisture. This makes it easier for the roof to breathe and water to evaporate as it should–and as it needs to, since folks from Snohomish to Bellevue get so much darn rain.

Staining on Roofs: Sometimes our Seattle roofs just look bad, and it’s not only because of the moss. Staining is a frequent symptom of buildup, and it can be dark green or even black. Shady roofs are more likely to accrue algae and fungi, the most common culprits. Some algae is transported on the wind from home to home, which means that there’s always a chance of it reappearing. This is why having regular appointments for roof cleanings is so important–it’s not a “one and done” type of job. It’s a recurring-maintenance project that should be done by a professional.



If you’re now convinced it’s a necessary evil to clean your Pacific Northwest roof, you might be tempted to try to do so yourself. Don’t! You lack the tools, experience, and safety equipment to do what needs to be done.

Do you know how to perform a ladder set? Do you know how to rope yourself up? Do you have an industrial-grade pressure washer or roof blower? Do you know how to safely apply zinc? If you said yes to all those things, you’re probably in the industry, and you should consider coming to work for us!

If not, please don’t attempt to scale your roof and perform these services. They’re dangerous, and they require specialized training by those physically capable of keeping themselves and your roof safe.

It’s not just the body that’s at risk when an inexperienced person tries to clean their own roof–the roof itself is also in trouble. Without proper instruction, you can damage your roof in the process of trying to preserve it.

Give us a call, text, or email if you have any questions–we service homes in cities all over, from Lake Roesiger to Edmonds to Fall City. Keep yourself and your home in good condition by getting your roof cleaned on a regular basis.